Week 4: Easter Extravagant Love of God

Easter is the ultimate expression of the extravagant or extreme love of (read more)...

Posted by Unleash2019 on 21st Apr 2019

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.” ~John 3:16

Easter is the ultimate expression of the extravagant or extreme love of God:

God, the Uncreated One, creating all things for our good and his glory. God, the Timeless One, entering into our time-space continuum in order to identify with the confines of earthly life so that he could catapult us into the next. God, the perfect One, rubbing shoulders with the imperfections of humanity yet remaining pure. God the Father, sending Jesus Christ the Son so that his Holy Spirit could live within each believer, empowering us to live in His resurrection power now.

She wandered up the steps, slightly inebriated, the scent of liquor lingering on her breath. Swiftly greeted by pastoral staff, she revealed that the reason for her unexpected visit was to inquire about our church road sign that read, ". . .everyone valued, everyone loved. . .” Nearly 60 years of abuse and manipulation had led “Jenny” to believe she was anything but valued. Low and depressed, she drowned herself in alcohol and gambled away her last dollars on earth, intending to end her own life. Then she came across our sign. A Divine curiosity sparked hope in Jenny as the Spirit of God used the sign to highlight His love for her when her path seemed so dark.


Lord Jesus, I want to live in the reality of Easter, demonstrating the truth of Your resurrection power that what has fallen into decay can indeed become alive once again. Because of Easter, every day is rich with hope, and dripping with purpose. May my life be a sign that points downcast souls to the extravagant love of God every day.

--Alison Johnson, former teacher, pastor and missionary in PNG, Australia and New Zealand between 2005-15