Week 9: Pray that the Holy Spirit's Fire will be Revitalized in our Lives

God created us to be filled with and anointed by his Spirit!

Posted by Unleash2019 on 21st May 2019

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. ~1 Cor 2:4

Christian leadership demands our spiritual best. To our best must be added God’s supernatural, enabling touch. Our best is never enough. We constantly need God’s extra touch - his holy fire.

In the service of God we need more than ability and skill. We need the manifest presence of God, the consciousness and evidence of God’s special touch upon us. We rely not on our knowledge, training and experience, but God’s transforming addition to our highest and best.

We are not satisfied with being faithful; we deeply desire the special awareness of God’s blessing on our faithfulness.

“God created us to be filled with and anointed by his Spirit. That fullness makes our personality complete, enables us to be Christlike and radiant with God’s presence, and our service to be Spirit-guided, Spirit-empowered, and used to capacity by God.” (Ablaze with God - Wesley Duewel pp16-17)

--paraphrased by Neville Bartle, New Zealand


Oh God fill us, - our pastors, our teachers, our district superintendents and our board members - fill us afresh with your Holy Fire that our lives may radiate your love and power.