Week 2: Pray for a Desperation to be Filled by the Holy Spirit and to be Set Ablaze with God’s Power!

Please join us this week in prayer for (read more)...

Posted by Unleash2019 on 7th Apr 2019

Please join us this week in prayer for the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Unleash the Power 2019!

“Then the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench. When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, ‘The Lord – he is God! The Lord – he is God!'" ~ 1 Kings 18:38-39

Elijah prayed until the fire fell on Mt. Carmel, then the backslidden people fell face down in awe and cried out, “The Lord - He is God.” Moses spent so much time up on the mountain in the presence of God that the shekinah glory of God filled him so fully that his face was radiant with God’s glory. Can the same thing happen to us? Can we get so close to God that his glory transfigures us and our people start to see glimpses of God’s glory upon us and in us?

God’s presence and glory cannot be earned, worked up or simulated. Only God can baptise with fire. Only God can send his shekinah glory. We cannot light this fire. We cannot produce it in ourselves. But we can humble ourselves before God in total integrity and honesty, confessing our need for more of him.

God’s holy fire only descends on prepared, obedient hungry hearts. Restore us, God Almighty; make your face shine on us. ~ Psalm 80:7

The church will be ablaze for God only when you and I are ablaze for him. The church will be as mighty for God as you and I are mighty for him. The church will be no more Spirit-filled than you and I are Spirit-filled. God has not changed. God promises to pour out His Spirit in the last days on all people, even as He did in the early church in the book of Acts. God longs for us to be filled with the Spirit. Do we share that longing?

--Wesley Duewel, paraphrased by Neville Bartle, New Zealand


Be still before the Lord, wait desperately for Him, then pray:

“Lord send a revival and begin it in me.”

Continue to pour out your need for Him alone. With a hunger for Him more than anything else, pray:

“Lord fill me more and more with your Spirit than I have ever known before."

Continue seeking and waiting on the Lord until He fills you with His Spirit. Then in prayer with one or two others from your local or district church family, pray in agreement:

“Lord, set Your Church ablaze with Your Holy Spirit in transforming power. Do this new work in us, we pray!”